Cam Callahan is from Boise, ID but his music music is a mixture of all the places he’s lived: Southern California; Lake Havasu, AZ, and rural Southern Idaho. His songs discuss topics like the occult, drugs, sex, and violence with an upbeat and nostalgic mood from influences like John Waters, Pete Burns, Michael Jackson, and Phil Spector.

Cam Callahan & Campaign Revival whips the audience into a dance frenzy through his intense visuals, fog, and dance moves. Although a one-man live show, Cam Callahan will invite a guest vocalist or musician on stage as well as inviting a friend or two into the studio for select sections. It’s music and a performance built specifically for entertainment.

You can catch Cam Callahan & Campaign Revival with two studio releases in 2018 (Witch King in July and Idyllwild in October) accompanied with a Pacific Northwest tour by bus in the spring and coastal one-offs in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, New York in summer with plans to play Mexico City, Brazil, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Hamburg late 2018/early 2019.